Alexandra Holmes Consulting

The Solution Deck ™

The Solution Deck helps one to use their own,
intuitive analytical abilities, to arrive at answers to
their questions and find solutions to their difficulties.

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Design Your Life

“Life is derived from an integration and coordination of both the physical
and immaterial parts of the universe.”
Bruce H. Lipton

Alexandra Holmes is an international renowned, Intuitive Life & Business Strategist Coach, offering strategic problem solving solutions in the personal, business and corporate worlds. What sets Alexandra apart from others is her remarkable ability of creative, intuitive insight linking the unknown with the known, to strategize for monetary and emotional success in most any situation.

Alexandra applies cognitive thinking, whole brain thinking inclusive of the intuitive, in accessing situation solutions which culminate in a perspective transcending the traditional boundaries set by logic and reasoning, therefore “thinking out of the box” and affording life changing experiences.

Her proven success of integrating the scientific, creative, and world knowledge with deep intuitive insight, assist clients in accessing and strategizing to create a myriad of potential possibilities for fulfillment of their goals and dreams. The result is self-empowerment.

Because of having traversed cultural boundaries from world travel of over 60 countries, and work in 15, she has an understanding of human nature rarely acquired. Alexandra has extensive experience working with a diverse clientele, counseling individuals from all walks of life including: royal families, corporate executives, doctors, artists, social elite, journalist, attorneys, celebrities, therapist, performers, writers, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Her proprietary method of the Energy Transformation Visualization and Energy Clearing Technique most often immediately effect removal of blockages caused by trauma and negative energies, changing most any situation.

Remove Blockages   Create Strategic Alliances
Love Relationship Resolution   Critique Employees & Peers
Career Direction   Stress Management

Dream Analysis

  Target Problems & Create Solutions
Past Life Application   Improve Inter-Office Relationships